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What Did That Westwood Home Sell For At 1936 Thayer Ave

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What Did That Westwood Home Sell For?

The Westwood home at 1936 Thayer Ave., LA CA 90025 lasted about 2 weeks on the market before entering escrow on 3/7/14. This home is situated on one of the most desirable streets in the south of Santa Monica Blvd section of Westwood. I believe location was the big contributor to the huge demand on the house and drove the price way over the asking price. This 40's Tudor home has some decent curb appeal, moderate updating and was in clean and livable condition. But in my opinion, wasn't anything overly special inside, that alone drove the price six figures over the asking. The floor plan was slightly less desirable than your average house with only 2 bedrooms and a backyard on a lower level than the main part of the house.  But as I said, the street location was great. And what do "They" say....location, location,location.
On 4/10/14, 1936 Thayer Ave closed about 9% over the asking price at  $1,414,000 |$874 $/sf|.  According to the MLS, the home is a 2 bedroom / 2 bath, 1,618 sf of living space on a 7,184 sf lot.