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What Did That Westwood Tear Down Sell For At 1846 Glendon Ave

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What Did That Westwood Tear Down Sell For?

These two bungalow homes sat next door to each other and on small 3,000+ square foot lots. The 1st bungalow is 1846 Glendon Ave, LA CA 90025 and is a 2+1, 816 sq ft on 3,699 sq ft lot according to the MLS. The 2nd bungalow at 10815 Missouri Ave, LA CA 90025 is a 1+1,816 sq ft on 3,049 sq ft lot. The combined lot square footage is approximately 6,748 sq ft and is how this deal should be looked at since it's a development deal and the houses will most certainly be torn down. The lot is zoned LAR3 for Multi Family apartments or condos. The asking price for these two bungalows were $615,000 and $510,000, for a combined ask of $1,125,000.  These properties sold 62% over the asking price for $1,825,000.