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What Did That Westwood Home Sell For At 1841 Benecia Ave

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What Did That Westwood Home Sell For?

The Westwood home at 1841 Benecia Ave LA CA 90025 lasted 33 + 115 days on the market with 2 listing periods in 2013. The home was first listed on February 5th, 2013 for $1,755,000 and went 115 days without a price reduction. During that listing period, the home was in escrow at least once. The 2nd listing period started June 3rd, 2013 with a list price of $1,695,000 and went 33 days before acceptance on 7/11/13. The home also spent 184 days of market time in 2012 at $1,995,000 to $1,895,000.  While this is a single family home, it should have been looked at and treated more like an extra large townhome. The home was built out almost completely over the lot and there was a very tiny yard that is on a downslope. With such a large house with 5 bedrooms, I bet many of the buyers that looked at it were larger families and wanted yard space and decided to pass it over when they didn't see any yard. The other difficulty with this house is it backed up to multifamily property behind it on Beverly Glen, so apartments and rooftops are your view. A unique feature to this home is the underground garage that you could park from 6-10 cars or so.

On 8/01/13, 1841 Benecia Ave closed at $1,675,000 |$372 $/sf|. According to the MLS, the home is 5 bedroom / 5 bath, 4,503 sf of living space on a 5,339 sq ft lot.