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10763 Wellworth Ave Returns To Market In 2013: Sold Quickly

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The Westwood home just south of Wilshire at 10763 Wellworth Ave LA CA 90024 has returned to the market in 2013. After showing just a week on the market, the home is showing in escrow on the MLS. I don't believe any public open houses were done at this house and it could have been sold to a buyer off market and put on the MLS for statistical purposes. What is interesting is this house spent approximately 113 days on the market in 2011 at $1,349,000 and $1,299,000. Then in 2012, it spent another 132 days asking $1,398,000 on the market before being withdrawn in June of 2012. Now in 2013, 10763 Wellworth Ave came to market asking $1,499,000 and is now just looking for backup offers after a week. Will be interesting to see where this one ends up.

Without being able to see the property this year, I can't confirm whether any changes have been done to the house since last on the market. But judging by the photos, it looks the same. I had written this previous description back in 2011 when I first saw the house.

The home is listed as a two bedroom, but there is a 3rd room that could qualify as a bedroom. However, the layout is such that you have to walk through that room to get to the rear bedroom. So right now you can call it a 2 bedroom + office. I believe I was explained to at the house that it might not be too difficult to alter that by punching a hole in the wall between the two bedrooms and creating a hallway from the den area to access the third bedroom without going through the 2nd bedroom. Where there is a will, there is a way. Buyer to investigate.