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City Target Opens In Westwood Village | Grand Opening 2012

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Yesterday was the official grand opening of the new City Target in Westwood Village. City Target is just a smaller version of their mega stores, coming in at roughly 99,000 square feet...about ~25,000 less square feet than a typical Target. But walking through, you won't notice much of a difference. It has most of what you would expect in a Target, complete with a Starbucks inside. There is even a small grocery area, which I am sure co-tenant Ralph's and Trader Joe's across the street are not happy about. I walked through the store around 7pm and the security at the front said they had about 10,000 people so far come through the store that day. I don't know what they expect to average but that seems like a lot of people. With Target coming into the village and bringing in a plethora of new customers that wouldn't ordinarily shop in the village, it should be good for the economy of the surrounding businesses. With a little less than a dozen or so vacancies currently in Westwood Village, we could be seeing more willing tenants fill those vacancies with the increased traffic driven by the Target store.