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The Once Bank Owned Little Holmby Home Now A Flip?

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The Westwood Little Holmby home at 10551 Lindbrook Drive, LA CA 90024 came on the market back in February 2012 as a bank owned property with a list price of $1,785,700. The condition required the home to be either completely rehabbed or just torn down and built as new on the lot. It took a little over a week for the bank to accept an offer after it hit the market. A few weeks later the property fell out of escrow and then re-entered escrow a short time later for the last time. On May, 23rd, 2012, 10551 Lindbrook Drive closed for $1,710,000. The MLS states the home is a 6 bedroom / 5 bath, 4,237 sf of living space on a 9,444 sf lot.

Since being purchased, the home has returned to market with an asking price of $2,150,000 and then raised to $2,175,000. Wow, they did a fast remodel job in just over a month you might be asking. Nope. Not remodeled. Not even selling with plans to do a remodel or new construction home on the lot. It is for sale in the same condition as it was purchased back in May.

The market in Westwood is HOT right now, but not flipper hot where you can turn property around the next month and not make improvements and expect to sell it for money.