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What Did That Westwood Home Sell For At 10642 Ashton Ave

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What Did That Westwood Home Sell For?

The Westwood home at 10642 Ashton Ave LA CA 90024 recently sold after approximately 50+ days on the market. This home had a strange listing period and I am not exactly sure on this one what the story was. It first came on the market back in April with a $1m price tag and received multiple offers. Was pulled after a week off the MLS and relisted by same broker. Two weeks into the 2nd listing, the price was raised $100k to $1.1m. Then showed up going into escrow a month and a half later..fell out.. and then back in again. At the end of the day, the home closed on 9/9/11 for $995,000. The home is a complete fixer (if not a teardown) and needs a major rehab to make livable.