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What Did That Westwood Little Holmby Home Sell For At 454 Dalehurst Ave

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What Did That Westwood Little Holmby Home Sell For?

The Westwood Little Holmby home at 454 Dalehurst Ave, LA CA 90024 lasted 12 days on the market before receiving an accepted offer on 8/19/10. The home was listed on 7/18/10 for $2,650,000. According to the MLS, the home is a 4 bedroom / 4 bath, 3,627 sq ft of living space on a 10,570 sq ft lot. Completely in original condition, I would consider this house to be a major fixer or teardown type property. Great location and having the large flat lot contributed to the quick sale in my opinion. It made this home a great choice to scrape and build anew or even overhaul the 3,500+ sq ft house and still have a sizable flat backyard --- room for a pool and more. I could see the possibilities of this house getting a makeover instead of being torn down because the floor plan was actually quite nice with spacious public rooms and bedrooms. The house closed on 10/6/10 for $2,550,026 [SP/SF $703].