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What Did That Westwood Little Holmby Home Sell For At 629 Westholme Ave

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What Did That Westwood Little Holmby Home Sell For?

The Westwood Little Holmby home at 629 Westholme Ave lasted 32 days on the market before receiving an accepted offer on 8/20/10. The home came to the market on 7/19/10 with an asking price of $1,499,000. And then closed on 9/28/10 with a final sales price of $1,260,000. At first glance this seems very low for the neighborhood. And that is somewhat correct, it is on the low side. However, this home is right on the edge of the neigbhoorhood, next to Hilgard (busy street). There is almost no backyard space and a college fraternity or sorority house looked right into the back of the house as well. Additionally, while clean, the house was in original type condition.What is interesting is the MLS states this sales price reflects an all cash, contingency free and tenants in the home. The biggest kicker is the tenant occupied portion of that statement. According to the MLS, the home is a 3 bedroom / 3 bath, 2,509 sq ft of living space on a 8,102 sq ft lot.