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Foundation Tips From The Foundation Works

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I receive informative tips from the guys over at The Foundation Works regarding common foundation issues. I thought this would not only be helpful for homeowners, but also prospective buyers who may get into inspection reports that deal with foundation issues...

Connect the dots…

What does this leaning support have to do with the recent weather?


This photo shows an all too common dilemma that we find under homes on a regular basis. Though this home has a foundation in very functional condition, water flow has been slowly undermining it each winter. What has occurred here is quite simply a matter of too much moisture, for too long a period of time, getting too close to the foundation supports. In this instance, this has caused the soil to actually migrate to the degree that it has shifted the concrete pier under this wood support by several inches and has resulted in interior wall cracks that had previously been considered by the homeowner to be “just because the house is old”. In actual fact, a simple resetting of the support, coupled with an appropriate re-routing of the exterior water source, and this issue was completely solved.

We’ve often pointed out the various effects of water on damaging a foundation slowly. Once again, the message is simply one of preventative care. The more you can do to keep water away from your home, the better it will stand the test of time!