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Video Review Of 10809 Wellworth Avenue - Sticker Shock!!

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A new listing came on the market last week in the south of Wilshire neighborhood of Westwood with a jaw dropping asking price of $4,450,000. I would bet that most people would be shocked to see a house with an asking price in that range in this neighborhood. Especially since there has never been a public sale over $2.5 million in this south of Wilshire neighborhood, according to the MLS. And while the inside could have amazing finishes and craftsmanship, I find it very difficult that this price can be supported. And even if someone would decide to pay that much, if the buyer was getting a loan, the bank's appraiser would have a near impossible task of appraising the property at that value with virtually no comparable sales. In fact, homes with a sale price in excess of $4 million plus have been extremely rare in Westwood and are mostly reserved for the two prime areas of Westwood; Westwood Hills and Little Holmby.

Should anyone tour the property at an open house or with their agent, I would love to hear your opinion...you can post in the comments below.

The property is located at 10809 Wellworth Ave., LA CA 90024 and according to the MLS, the house is a 5 bedrooms / 6 baths, 6,145 sq ft of living space on a 6,665 sq ft lot.

Check out the video below where I do a driveby of this property and the 2 highest sales ever in this particluar neighborhood.

[For best results, press play then pause, to allow HD video to preload before watching]