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2040 Linnington Ave., LA CA 90025 Receives Another Price Reduction

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The Westwood Tudor home at 2040 Linnington Ave, Los Angeles CA 90025 received a price reduction of 8.17% or $80,000, down to $899,000. The home was listed 80 days ago for $999,000. This is the 2nd price reduction of the current listing term. According to the MLS, the home is a 2 bedroom / 1 bath on an extra large 8,755 sq ft lot. The public records state the house is 955 sq ft. The house needs TLC as it looks to be mostly original throughout.You can read my previous review here.

The 'Market Watch' information regarding this listing is it was previously purchased 9/12/05 for $1,010,000.  With this new reduction, the home is now listed 11% less than the purchase price in 2005.