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Little Holmby Mediterranean Home Receives Price Reduction At 1035 Westholme Ave

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My 400th Post on the site!

The Westwood Little Holmby home at 1035 Westholme Ave., LA CA 90024 received a price reduction this week of 7.1% or $190,000, down to $2,500,000. The Mediterranean home has a bit of a laundry list for a listing history. Originally listed on 9/3/08 for $2,995,000 with Agent A, the listing period lasted 21 days. The owner switched to Agent B and re-listed on 9/24/08 for $2,690,000. That listing period lasted 68 days with no price changes. Agent B changed brokerages and had to relist the property on 12/3/08. Now after 8 days into the current listing period the property receives a price reduction. Additionally, the home is also for lease for $8,000. The home started out asking $12,000 for lease on 10/14/08 and reduced it to $10,000 on 10/30/08. 12/3/08 the home changed the lease price to $8,000. I told you it was a laundry list for listing history. And according to the MLS, the home is a 5 bedroom / 4.5 bath, 4,037 sq ft home on a 6,882 sq ft lot.

Aaron said...
December 12, 2008 at 9:16 AM  

Congrats on the 400th post!! Excellent blog by the way. Look forward to many more posts.

Anonymous said...
December 12, 2008 at 10:14 AM  

what is it like inside? that is what should matter - and how does it compare to alternative choices for buyers?

pricing history is actually interesting to see mentality of seller (lessor), but it is hard to tell what is going on here without more personal insight into the seller's situation and mindset.

Scooter said...
December 12, 2008 at 10:26 AM  

Thanks for your blog. There is no other source out there as timely and uniquely tuned to Westwood real estate.

Anonymous said...
December 12, 2008 at 10:53 AM  

Frequent attender, long time lurker. Great blog! I really appreciate the time you most likely spend on providing the insight and information your write about.

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