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Price Reduction - 2030 Fairburn Ave., LA CA 90025

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The property at 2030 Fairburn Ave, LA CA 90025 received a quick price correction from 1,598,000 to $1,349,000 this week. The property was listed 7/17/08 and has only been on the market for 14 days before this quick correction. The agent or owner must have finally payed attention to two recent sales on the street that sold in the $1.5's. Both the recent sales had more house square footage and were remodeled. There is very little information given about this house on the MLS setup sheet and it basically just states that the sale is 'as is'. That typically means, the house has not but updated very much. According to the public records the home is a 2 bed / 3 bath, 1,488 sq ft home on a 6,075 sq ft lot. The public record's conflict with the MLS data sheet, in that the MLS sheet says its a 3 bedroom home. Having not been able to see the house yet, I am not sure which is correct. The house has not been open for public showings or a broker caravan yet. But I do know that the street is one of the better streets south of Santa Monica Blvd., so the location is great.