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Late Breaking News -- Odd House Sells After Two Years On And Off Market

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We have a Westwood Real Estate late breaking news story to bring to you this morning. The un-imaginable has occurred. The structure located at 10595 Louisiana Ave LA CA 90025 appears to have an accepted offer and is now in 'Backup' status. Yes I will repeat that, there is a willing home purchaser wanting to buy and live in that narrow structure located on the odd triangular lot that sits on Olympic Boulevard. What is so strange about this you say? This is the property that has sparked many conversations around the area that included such comments as: "What was that builder thinking?.....What is that?... Who would ever buy a house in that location?"... and so on. I know I have shared a laugh with many visitors at my open houses in Westwood, as well as other agents about this particular home. I am not going to go through the whole listing history because it is very lengthy, but in a nutshell it was listed 3/15/06 for $1,500,000. And after 2 different Realtors, a possible short term lease tenant and many price changes and listing periods later, the house ended up in 'Backup' status on 6/25/08 at the asking price of $899,900. What happened that could of helped sell this home? I know the first photo was recently changed on the MLS (original photo above) and possibly whatever other websites this particular home was on, to a slightly more appealing photo. And I have noticed that there was actually a few open houses the last month or so, which was a rare occurrence for this listing. In fact there are about a dozen homes on the market right now that don't have any open houses either, which could be preventing possible home buyers from seeing the home and wanting to make a purchase as well. <-hint to those sellers. I think the photos and open houses definitely helped, but price was the ultimate winner here in making this home sale. At a certain price every home will sell, no matter what circumstances the home faces. And that home was now priced to compete with smaller condos and town homes.