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Pocket Listings


You have probley heard this term before, pocket listing. But you may have been wondering what is a 'Pocket Listing' exactly? A pocket listing is usually a seller who would like to sell but does not want to do it on the open market for whatever reason. Some reasons could be that they don't want nosey neighbors finding out they are selling, or they don't want open houses or for sales signs up front of their house, etc.. Or it could be that they would sell if someone made them an offer. Often high priced listings sell in this manner, avoiding the open market, usually for privacy reasons. Whatever the case maybe there are homes that are for sale that are not advertised to the general public, nor the general brokerage community for that matter.

So, as a Coldwell Banker agent I get emailed to me everyday pocket listing from other agents in the area. So if your looking for something specific and may have not seen it on the open market, shoot me an email of what your looking for. It may exist in the pocket listings world. And since our Coldwell Banker network is so vast, its bound to exist somewhere.